The “My Yourtown House Will Sell Itself” Misunderstanding

You might think that when your house is in terrific shape, that’s all you need to guarantee a quick, successful sale. Because it is located in a desirable Yourtown neighborhood on a great street filled with exclusively conscientious neighbors—and because it has most of the features and attributes that today’s buyers are looking for—that means it will be a cinch to draw a legion of top-of-market bids from the clamoring flock of eager prospects, right? 

It often happens that the expected result doesn’t turn out to be quite so inevitable. The reason might be because the “My Yourtown house will sell itself” thinking was allowed to take hold. 

Now, it is definitely true that all of the terrific qualities listed above should guarantee a short and successful offering. The problem arises when a homeowner concludes that, since their Yourtown house will sell itself, all they have to do is plant a sign in the yard and wait for the sale to be finalized. That can be a costly misstep if the “For Sale” sign they decide to plant is one that includes the fateful words, “by Owner.” The apparent logic is that, if the house should sell itself, what’s the need to hire a professional Yourtown agent to do the selling?

The needs are many, but I think the one that’s least debatable is this: when prospective buyers see that a homeowner is selling their house on their own, they correctly assume that the seller is hoping to avoid paying a commission. True or not, they also assume that the owner will have borne minimal expense—and that means that the owner can accept a lower offer. In other words, exactly the opposite of what the For Sale by Owner strategy was meant to achieve!

There are many other reasons why the vast majority of sellers do eventually rely on a professional Yourtown agent. For one, there’s the fact that the evidence of professionalism all by itself conveys added value. For another, buyers and their agents know that negotiations will proceed in a professional manner. To stand a chance of being accepted, an offer will obviously need to be respectfully assembled—and lowball attempts are less likely to succeed. 

When you add in being relieved from the slew of technical and legal requirements that go with completing a Yourtown sale, it’s a wonder that any of those “by Owner” signs ever see daylight. It’s probably because the self-defeating elements that go with the “My house will sell itself” idea take a while to become evident. 

The irony is that it’s exactly those Yourtown homes with terrific attributes that deserve to attract the highest offers. That’s the ultimate benefit of the professional service I offer. Call me! 

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